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Welcome to Sammy's stores. The two links above, will link you to the lists of shops, one link directs you to integrated store the other one has a list with all other stores outside like Itunes, Amazon, CDBaby etc. Just click on the names of the stores to go directly to my products.You can also select those pages in the sidebar menu. 

Do the math: 

In some cases it might be good doing some research first. E.g, if you are from Europe, it may save you quite some money (delivery costs) to get your product from Holland instead of from the USA (e.g. CDBaby).

Also for mp3 CD's the prices also differ in different stores, I can't control their marges, and mp3's  are always cheaper than the physical CD... 

Tip on my personal store:

I do not think you will find the physical CD cheaper than in my own store. If you do, let me know and send me the link of the place where you saw it and I will try to adjust my price as low as theirs or lower. Remember this only goes for the physical products. Furthermore, if you order more than 10 CD's, you will get discount on the CD's, as well as a lower average shipping price per CD, because it is cheaper to send one bigger package instead of multiple small ones.  To do this, write to HOT Music Productions (see adress below) for details. You will be provided with a special link that will be available for your personal order only. If in doubt, or if you got questions about this, just contact me as well.


These are paypal/creditcard supported webstores. 
For info about paypal as in how it works, how to set it up, tips of usage, etc, just click here: 


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