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If you have any questions related to the purchase of my products, then you can email to:


Also: If you want to buy my product without paying so much shipping costs, then it is a possibility to organize some people around you to buy this product together. In order to prevent problems, these collective purchases should be done by one person, who then will have to take care of the distribution of this purchase . Email HOT Music Productions (see adress above) for details. 

               Do the maths on products

In some cases it might be good doing some research first. If let's say you are from Europe, it might be saving you some delivery costs to get your purchase sent from Holland instead of from the USA (CDBaby) For example, check how much it will cost you to order the CD on this site:


For mp3 CD's the price might also differ in different stores, depending on their policy, and mp3's  are always cheaper than the physical CD...

                                                     support my work

If you want to help me improving my music  with, for example, better video materials, or being able to make a nicer 12 page booklet in my CD's, I could always use some extra to do those things. I am hard working, but it does not come for free and I got to live still from a small budget. So any donation can help me to realize more complex projects, organizing things in a better way, or maintaining my humble little studio. I would be most grateful. Donations in other ways, like sending me nice footage for clips and so on, are also highly appreciated!

Thank you so much!

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