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Posted on June 28, 2012 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I never thought I would step into the world of covers, or better of karaoke. I did it a few times in Asia, but at home I was never much interested in doing that. Somehow that has changed. I discovered this website through a wonderfu, yet unknown singer, and decided to join the site. And there I am, singing karaoke! Well it still is just for the fun of it, I have no plans on going to record a serious cover CD, that is just not my thing, but singing those songs on the site is fun and does not take too much time and effort. I see it as a little snack in between the songwriting process. I just recorded one cover as a test, but I am sure more will follow! :)


sammy_simms karaoke page


Sammy Simms first karaoke recording

Video's got 3600+ hits

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Well slowly but surely, my youtube attracts more and more people. I also noticed that my cover song also got quite some views in short time. Anyway, it encourages me to do more, more and more! The counter stands at approx 3600+ views in about a year time. I consider that a good thing, moreover since there is an upgoing line in it. If I take a look at the last 2 months I already had 1640 hits. I guess I need to work even harder to get things going more upwards in the search machines, but I am determined to grow and expand. The downside is though, that I still need more subscribers and likes and comments on my youtube. I wonder how I can gather those, besides trying my best... Maybe you can help me out there? I would really appreciate all the input! Thanks!


The new video

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That is so cool! While I aimed at 500 viewers in a month, I only need 24 more to reach that goal and it all happened in only two weeks! Wewww, I guess I might round up the numbers a bit, so my next goal is a total of 750 views within that same planned month! Let's see if that is possible! Thanks all so much for watching!

Check this movie here!




Posted on May 10, 2012 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)

As I am working on my songs I would like to tell you that eventhough it might take a little longer, the process is still continuated. The thing is that I am working on several CD's in the same time. I don't know exactly how many CD's are going to be recorded but for sure is that there will be at least three of them. I love music and therefore I also don't like to stick around in one genre only, that would be no challenge and I get bored with it in the end, so I like to use my diversity to the max.

"So what is coming up?" you might wonder... Well what is sure until now that there will be a CD with funk and blues, another one with ballads, soul and blues and a thirld one with classical music.

What's more? Well I still got my somewhat crazy songs, if I got enough I might fill a CD with that as well. And furthermore I don't know what the future will bring. One thing is for sure, it will bring, more, more and even more! Now let's get back to the world of music again. Ciao!



Posted on March 30, 2012 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (2)

What are CrazySimmsTracks you might wonder. Well in fact that word most likely does not exist.:P

CrazySimms track are not to be taken too seriously. They have been recorded in a less proffesional way, started of as a scratchbook version that never got updated, or just recorded fastly for fun... Those type of tracks are only there for fans to listen to. Maybe sometimes if requested a lot, they might become free fan exclusive bonus tracks for download. "Life Is A Bitch" is one of those songs I have put together in not such a serious way. It just will stay "as is". Maybe one day there will be a more serious recording of this song, but as for now it is just been given away for free!  Have fun with this one! :D

Download here:

Life Is A Bitch

Video update

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Today I uploaded 6 new video's to my website so click here to see those!!

Or to see an overview of all uploads just click here

Have fun!!!



Posted on January 2, 2012 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Added and still adding new movies. Check on the left side: Home-->And More/Video's or just click here  (on or here (on youtube)

Russian Roulette- December Special! (Finished)

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Welcome to the 1st special offer for the party month! It is time to play some Russian Roulette and get reductions up to 100% over the CD! As long as the clock on the offer still counts down (till dec 31, 2011, 23.00h Dutch time) or when the limit has been reached. Minimum will be 10% reduction. This 10% is already been calculated in the price, so you for sure have won that one already! (for Taiwan only reductions that are higher than the reduced indication of the Taiwan distributions)


To check it out how it works read on or click here

How it works

1. You order a CD from my BigCartel store (click the link above)

2. You pay with paypal

3. You will receive an email, confirming your order.

4. Reply this email with the next message: "Russian Roulette, #, #, #" (Where it says "#", fill in the three numbers of your choice in order of preference, 1-50)

5. You will receive info about your price and your price will as a refund be written back to your paypal account.(10% is already automatically reduced on purchase)


There are maximum of 50 CD's available for this offer. There will be a list of used numbers, all other numbers will be available to chose from. After purchase, send me three available numbers from 1 to 50 in order of your preference. If your first number(s) just got sold, it will be taken to your second, and then to the third prefered choice. Every number is related to a certain percentage. After you have sent the numbers of your choice, you will get a refund and a mail to confirm your price. Have fun and goodluck!!



1x 100%

2x   75%

4x   50%

8x   25%

15x  15%

20x  10%


If any questions, feel free to mail to: [email protected]


All numbers are now available!

October Special! Double reduction! (Finished)

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Untill and including october 31, 2011 you can buy the Dreams CD with a reduction of 15%. The special offer is only available in the BigCartel store. Of course this is valid as long as there are still CD's in store. Exception to this offer is Taiwan, since Taiwan already has a a permanent reduction.

Important note: he targetted CD is the first and  limited edition. Buying this 1st edition (physical CD only)  gives de buyer also a reduction of 30 % on he next purchased physical CD. All  you need to do, just before purchasing the next CD, is to send me the receipt of your purchase of the 1st Edition, and I send you the special link where the price will give you this reduction.

In other words, you will get a reduction on two products if you order this October Special!  (as long as it is in store)

The second album

Posted on September 30, 2011 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Well it is time to move on for a while now, but I got my back injured while I was in the middle of rewiring and reorganizing my studio. It has been 4 or 5 weeks now and the delay affects my work. I haven't been able to do anything, since the studio has been dismantled and because of the injury I haven't been able to change that. But as my health is progressing again, I am hopeful for the near future that I can continue with the second album again. First of course I will need to finish the studio setup, but after that I will work around the clock again to get the job done. I have been working on all songs for this album before, so I know where I am heading. That at least is a good start. Now becoming healthy and getting back to work as soon as possible is the primary goal. I hope to start this process somewhere in the next week again, that is of course, if my health will let me...

Upgrading and rebuilding

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Well it is a slow process always as I upgrade the studio. It is a lot of puzzling in how to get the right stuff in the best setup possible. Where in the past this studio had approx. 570-600 connections, the last one was reduced to about 250-280 connections. Now it will be changed again, and I got no idea how many of those older connections will still be intact or how many more or less connections it will have. But it is, as usual a huge puzzle. Although I got most pieces of it fitted in right now, still some ideas might change along the way. :P

Today I ordered a new device and I surely hope that what I was reading about it is as good as it was promising. It seems to be a great device especially considering the price against the quality I read about and possibilities it has to offer. These are, if it all is that good, the devices I love. No paying for unnecesary crap like their brandname, commercials or whatever. If it is as good as I hope, I will reveal the name in my gearlist that I need to write still. But to give an indication: this device is a 377 euro costing piece of equipment where as the more famous brands seem to sell comparable devices for 800 euro or even more! :D

With this 19" jewel I also added a nice budget microphone as a bonus for myself. :) Now let's hope that one sounds good on my voice as well, but according to the demo's and specs I checked on the net, this one might be beating my more expensive mics!

Still a lot of work to do. After building the new computer that I still need to order the parts for, I will change the whole studio setup and layout...

Looking forward to it though!


Draft: I Don't Wanna Know

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Videoclip: "Dreams"

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CD Presentation

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I am so happy today! After an attempt, offering my music to a charity on doing something for their cause, which was a  foundation for people with down syndrom, I was so dissapointed not to hear back from them. Now I found a great project to be working on, which actually even comes closer in fitting to my own being.

I saw a message about an orphanage and was immediatelly touched by it. Not so much by what was written, but the unspoken sorrow and pain within. I always wanted children of my own and though I never had any, I always felt that all children are our children. We, the adults, have to take care of them. Not every child has the same opportunities, the same happy experiences in life, but they all should have. Wars, poverty, abuse and so on, it is all bad to anyone, but if it happens to children, something always snaps inside. I can't bare the thought, that we as a richer world, neglect and/or ignore the situations suffering children are in. I admire those who try their best to make life a bit more comfortable for them and trying to offer them a better future. I always did.

Now it is my turn to follow my heart in this, something I should have done already many years ago. I think it never is to late though. I might not ever had experiences that those children in need have in countries where things are not as comfortable as in the western world, but I know how it is not to have much money and that already is something that can drive me writing songs for them. I myself, come from a family that was pretty poor compared to the other families, and as a child it hinders growth and many positive perspectives are taken away from them. My family became the laughing stock on top of all sorrows. Poor people are being neglected and set back in chances and it does not serve any purpose to keep it that way. We can prevent stuff from happening, bad stuff. I mean, you got to do things on your own after you become independent, before that you walk the line and wait for that darkened future. It can go any direction from there, but it is not unusual situations change into worse. As Lao Tzu said: "Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him For a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him For a Lifetime". To prevent bad going into worse, et us teach the children how to "fish"! I still had both parents, so I was taken care of, but the mind was always lonely and sad. The situation at my home was tense and I already suffered there, so children that did not even have what I had, gosh, I can not even imagine what impact that must have on their little hearts and souls.

Therefore, I am so happy to have found some good people that take care of them, but again money is a key there for situations turning into bad or better. I plan to make them a bit better. So I have decided, starting with one, followed maybe by others, to contribute in the line I think I can help. I would like to send a message to the world, stick my hands out and grab your heart, so you can feel what I feel, and through that maybe a little bit what they, children without parents, without money, fighting for survival, feel. It would be a great honor to serve those who are less fortunate and help me and also you to be the best parents we can be. For the sake of the children, since they carry our future on their shoulders. We can make it a better world, or just be selfish and one die with the thought we never really cared for anything but ourselves. So let's stand up, hold hands and form a team! I create the songs, and you donate through those songs to a cause that is creating a bit of heaven on earth. For the love of those that deserve better!

So, my projects need to start as soon as I get working on music again, which will be after I have set up my studio again. In a few weeks to a few months, I hope to be able to create and serve!

Until we meet again, and many, many thanks to those who will help the good cause!


Got it? Get it! Got that?

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Don't forget that the first edition is limited! Only 100 in total! So be fast and make sure you will have this first edition of dreams so you will have a 30% discount on the next CD of Sammy Simms!!!

Click the pic!

Sammy Simms: Dreams


Posted on June 5, 2011 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

From tomorrow, bit by bit my CD will be uploaded to several stores. Most of them only for digital downloads. One or maybe a few later on for physical CD's as well.

This is the list that I am working on for now:

iTunes, including:


    * iTunes

    * iTunes-UK

    * iTunes-Mexico

    * iTunes-Europe

          o Austria

          o Belgium

          o Denmark

          o Finland

          o France

          o Germany

          o Greece

          o Ireland

          o Italy

          o Luxembourg

          o Netherlands

          o Norway

          o Portugal

          o Spain

          o Sweden

          o Switzerland

    * iTunes-Japan

    * iTunes-Canada

    * iTunes-Australia

    * iTunes-New Zealand


Amie Street




Amazon MP3


Liquid Digital Media








Furthermore I will set my work available for Super D One-Stop Physical distribution. (Over 2,500 music retailers across the globe will be able to order my CD from Super D, the world’s biggest and best one-stop distributor)

I will keep you informed!


Dreams CD almost finished

Posted on May 3, 2011 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Well folks all songs for the CD "Dreams" have been recorded and mixed down now. They are already available as single tracks in my store.

(click here:  Audiolife)

These tracks will be one more time remastered for making them uniform in sound and levels for the CD. The artwork is also being developed right now and I hope soon the release can become a fact. I will keep you all posted!


New Upload

Posted on January 8, 2011 at 7:26 PM Comments comments (0)

Yeah! I just uploaded the 6th song of the album "Dreams":

"The Sweetest Baby"Check it out on my reverbnation website or go directly to my online shop for downloading. Links you can find on my linkspage.

Cheerzzzz!! :)