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CD productions

On this page you will find all productions, finalized or in progress.

 Click on each title to hear a song (or a sample) and it will direct you to the particular song on my reverbnationpage.

 Have fun,


CD's Still In Progress (Blue=Link to Finished Product):
Funk Me Baby
Sammy And The Funkmachine
Dreams II

 Funk Me Hard


Four On The Floor

Gimme That Funk

Sweet Thang

This 'n That

Now Is The Time

Ties & Suits


Hot Is The Word

Come On

You're So Average




Don't Need Nobody

Dirty Mind

Got No Funky Feet

You'll Be Allright

Sexy Momma

Do It Now

The Same Things

Mountains Of Sorrow

Sammy & The Funkmachine

ForThe Children

It Can't Be True

  NOTE: Subscribtions to the mailing list

Most tracks will require to enroll to the mailinglist in able to hear the FULL tracks instead of the 30 seconds samples.

When you subscribe to the mailinglist your mailaddress will NEVER be shared with third parties.

 From time to time (I am not the type to bombard you with minor details), you will get a message in which I announce the release of an album or new track!

 So, without subscribing to the mailinglist you will only be able to hear a 30 seconds during sample for most of the tracks...


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