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Internet, television. Our sources, our truth. What one tries to hide, another reveals. There is no escape. There is nothing to hide behind and say we did not know. This is for all that cannot, dare not, don't want to speak out. This is my voice, maybe a minority, but once someone said, that the truth of a minority, is not less a truth than this of a majority. That means even the majority could be wrong. People are blinded by money and power, comfort and wealth. This is for the less fortunate people, to let them know that we all can see them, and the ones that think like I do, agree we should walk a total different way to make this world a better place. For those who don't want to see, for those who are too selfish to share, for those who are to scared to lose what they possess. This one is for those who think that they can do anything in the name of their Gods, or be blind for those things that does strategically not suit them. This is for them, who forgot how lucky they were to be part of the rich world, for those who do not appreciate this. This is for those people, who cannot see, hear or feel for the simple reason that they were brainwashed by a selfish society. This is to wake you all up! Call me anything you want, it doesnot matter. Put me in that spot that you hated most and you will only hate yourself. Because no matter of what you think of me or accuse me from, it says more about you, than about me. We are all sinners, we are all killers, we are all accessory to misery in the world. Whatever your excuse was, let it go, the shame is on us, our reasons are beyond reality. Then at last: I used a lot of material of which I thought there would be no harm in using it considering copyrights or anything else that might offend the creators of those materials. If I am wrong, I would like to request the freedom to keep using this in my videoclip which has no commercial purpose. If this may be the case, I also am willing to name those in a special thanks, in order to let the people know that some nice folks have given their cooperation for what I see as "the good cause". Thanks!

Posted by Sammy Simms on January 3, 2011 at 2:01 AM 281 Views

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