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Posted on July 19, 2011 at 12:54 PM

I am so happy today! After an attempt, offering my music to a charity on doing something for their cause, which was a  foundation for people with down syndrom, I was so dissapointed not to hear back from them. Now I found a great project to be working on, which actually even comes closer in fitting to my own being.

I saw a message about an orphanage and was immediatelly touched by it. Not so much by what was written, but the unspoken sorrow and pain within. I always wanted children of my own and though I never had any, I always felt that all children are our children. We, the adults, have to take care of them. Not every child has the same opportunities, the same happy experiences in life, but they all should have. Wars, poverty, abuse and so on, it is all bad to anyone, but if it happens to children, something always snaps inside. I can't bare the thought, that we as a richer world, neglect and/or ignore the situations suffering children are in. I admire those who try their best to make life a bit more comfortable for them and trying to offer them a better future. I always did.

Now it is my turn to follow my heart in this, something I should have done already many years ago. I think it never is to late though. I might not ever had experiences that those children in need have in countries where things are not as comfortable as in the western world, but I know how it is not to have much money and that already is something that can drive me writing songs for them. I myself, come from a family that was pretty poor compared to the other families, and as a child it hinders growth and many positive perspectives are taken away from them. My family became the laughing stock on top of all sorrows. Poor people are being neglected and set back in chances and it does not serve any purpose to keep it that way. We can prevent stuff from happening, bad stuff. I mean, you got to do things on your own after you become independent, before that you walk the line and wait for that darkened future. It can go any direction from there, but it is not unusual situations change into worse. As Lao Tzu said: "Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him For a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him For a Lifetime". To prevent bad going into worse, et us teach the children how to "fish"! I still had both parents, so I was taken care of, but the mind was always lonely and sad. The situation at my home was tense and I already suffered there, so children that did not even have what I had, gosh, I can not even imagine what impact that must have on their little hearts and souls.

Therefore, I am so happy to have found some good people that take care of them, but again money is a key there for situations turning into bad or better. I plan to make them a bit better. So I have decided, starting with one, followed maybe by others, to contribute in the line I think I can help. I would like to send a message to the world, stick my hands out and grab your heart, so you can feel what I feel, and through that maybe a little bit what they, children without parents, without money, fighting for survival, feel. It would be a great honor to serve those who are less fortunate and help me and also you to be the best parents we can be. For the sake of the children, since they carry our future on their shoulders. We can make it a better world, or just be selfish and one die with the thought we never really cared for anything but ourselves. So let's stand up, hold hands and form a team! I create the songs, and you donate through those songs to a cause that is creating a bit of heaven on earth. For the love of those that deserve better!

So, my projects need to start as soon as I get working on music again, which will be after I have set up my studio again. In a few weeks to a few months, I hope to be able to create and serve!

Until we meet again, and many, many thanks to those who will help the good cause!


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