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What are CrazySimmsTracks you might wonder. Well in fact that word most likely does not exist.:P

CrazySimms track are not to be taken too seriously. They have been recorded in a less proffesional way, started of as a scratchbook version that never got updated, or just recorded fastly for fun... Those type of tracks are only there for fans to listen to. Maybe sometimes if requested a lot, they might become free fan exclusive bonus tracks for download. "Life Is A Bitch" is one of those songs I have put together in not such a serious way. It just will stay "as is". Maybe one day there will be a more serious recording of this song, but as for now it is just been given away for free!  Have fun with this one! :D

Download here:

Life Is A Bitch

Russian Roulette- December Special! (Finished)

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Welcome to the 1st special offer for the party month! It is time to play some Russian Roulette and get reductions up to 100% over the CD! As long as the clock on the offer still counts down (till dec 31, 2011, 23.00h Dutch time) or when the limit has been reached. Minimum will be 10% reduction. This 10% is already been calculated in the price, so you for sure have won that one already! (for Taiwan only reductions that are higher than the reduced indication of the Taiwan distributions)


To check it out how it works read on or click here

How it works

1. You order a CD from my BigCartel store (click the link above)

2. You pay with paypal

3. You will receive an email, confirming your order.

4. Reply this email with the next message: "Russian Roulette, #, #, #" (Where it says "#", fill in the three numbers of your choice in order of preference, 1-50)

5. You will receive info about your price and your price will as a refund be written back to your paypal account.(10% is already automatically reduced on purchase)


There are maximum of 50 CD's available for this offer. There will be a list of used numbers, all other numbers will be available to chose from. After purchase, send me three available numbers from 1 to 50 in order of your preference. If your first number(s) just got sold, it will be taken to your second, and then to the third prefered choice. Every number is related to a certain percentage. After you have sent the numbers of your choice, you will get a refund and a mail to confirm your price. Have fun and goodluck!!



1x 100%

2x   75%

4x   50%

8x   25%

15x  15%

20x  10%


If any questions, feel free to mail to: [email protected]


All numbers are now available!

October Special! Double reduction! (Finished)

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Untill and including october 31, 2011 you can buy the Dreams CD with a reduction of 15%. The special offer is only available in the BigCartel store. Of course this is valid as long as there are still CD's in store. Exception to this offer is Taiwan, since Taiwan already has a a permanent reduction.

Important note: he targetted CD is the first and  limited edition. Buying this 1st edition (physical CD only)  gives de buyer also a reduction of 30 % on he next purchased physical CD. All  you need to do, just before purchasing the next CD, is to send me the receipt of your purchase of the 1st Edition, and I send you the special link where the price will give you this reduction.

In other words, you will get a reduction on two products if you order this October Special!  (as long as it is in store)